- Foreword -

Mediocrity does not exist here.

Decades of our time have been spent being trained or training others for America's wars, careers in law enforcement, and training because we have a desire to be an effectively lethal force against evildoers. We understand training, and the importance of it. We know that training is a key factor to mission success. We're going to focus on training here, as well as proper mindset, as it applies to firearms.

Training starts with visualization of what you need to accomplish in order to be successful, followed by putting thoughts into words, words into actions, then actions into habits. Training, essentially, is honing a skill or technique into something precise and repeatable by executing it repeatedly. Bad (or wrong) habits can be detrimental to success (i.e., the initial input is the wrong technique or mindset). Finding the right information isn't always easy (a correct source or authority on the matter) but that part must be left to the student.

Your mind is ultimately the most powerful factor of successful training.

Your command center must always be in order. This fact alone is why seeking out the right information, while filtering misinformed or biased noise (that is unfortunately too common and too easy to come across throughout this industry), is imperative. You simply cannot waste time burning bad reps. So, you must ensure your training is proper, done with a specific outcome in mind, and tailored exactly for your needs. Blanketed prescriptions, concerning tactical applications, are only evidence of a person's lack of knowledge and experience. This as a common problem you'll see with firearms instruction. "Do it like this!"- rather than being able to figure out what a student or business truly needs - is evidence of inexperience. A good instructor will identify individual needs, not assume them.

We are Americans!

Before we are anything, we (the owners) are Americans; our lifestyles reflect patriotism, respect, duty, honor, and commitment to our nation and countrymen. We believe taking the fight to evil, and justly protecting ourselves and others - with violence if necessary. It doesn't matter much whether you are a civilian with a concealed weapons permit, or an officer enforcing the law in your community - the fact is that you carry this responsibility as a free American. Do not stand idly by and watch injustice from the sidelines. We are not passive, stationary citizens of this nation. We actively engage in all tasks we undertake concerning our security, freedom, and liberty.

Zero restraint or barriers to our freedom. 

We owe it to ourselves and our families to come home every day, and to help those we care about do the same. This is implied in the oath one swears as a law enforcement officer. And even if you have not taken that oath - do it anyways for yourself. And know that you are the one immediately responsible for your safety when seconds are crucial and minutes are life-altering. Nobody is coming to save you. And if they are, they could be minutes out. We must consider a decision right now that we or our place of business will not be the victim. We will be the victor. Take command of the situation. Regain the initiative, and own the outcome. Doing this effectively is why we do what we do here at AVR Defense - to make ourselves and others capable at doing this.

Be responsible defenders.

As responsible members of society, like us at AVR Defense, you are not an advocate of violence. You simply share a core belief that human beings should not inflict unjust harm upon each other. Such action reflects nothing noble, or anything ever with a shred of moral code for that matter. A mindset that contradicts that principle has no place at our place of business.

Additionally, if you are one who's made the decision to train with firearms (and carry them), you'd be wise to understand that such a tool is not a solution to all problems, but a carefully considered last resort. As a school superintendent, civilian, law enforcement officer, parent, or global corporation alike - doesn't matter - you should understand it all the same. We are responsible for asking ourselves at some point: "Who am I?" "What do I believe?" "What am I willing to do?" and, most important, "If not me, who?". Own your decisions, actions, and their outcomes entirely. Asking those questions long before the call comes is paramount and we need to be honest with ourselves when we do.

Afterwards, if you're still here we can, and will, help you polish and hone a lens to view the world through. Doing so changes you. It changes how you see society, your environment, your business, and yourself. You will not be stepping into a new world. You'll only be looking at it from a new perspective.

We welcome you. We would encourage you to look around our site and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to get free access to our media content, which we know will be useful to you.

Lastly, we would council you to take on the task of being your own security detail - a master of your own domain. Begin this journey.

Be alert. Be vigilant. Always be ready.

- AVR Defense