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Complementing the expert-level skills of all of our staff in firearms and tactics, AVR Defense provides a vast range of specialized training to its clients.

Brock T.

Owner, Instructor 

Cyber Warfare, Information Security, Critical Incident Management & Infrastructure

Jacob H.

Owner, Instructor

Physical & Personal Security, Law Enforcement, Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence

Mike W.

Owner, Instructor

Physical & Personal Security, Threat Assessment, Law Enforcement, Firearms

A Message From The Owners:

Our approach to meeting client needs begins with our understanding that needs are always dynamic assessments and solutions are required from client to client. Expect excellence from us.

Whether your desire is to learn to safely handle and shoot a firearm, implement a home security system that is practical and effective, improve your tactical ability as a working law enforcement officer, or find practical and effective crisis management solutions as a large business - we will deliver to you what you need.

Each of us are aggressively task-oriented and always wanting to fight the good fight. We believe it is our obligation to teach others how to do that as well, by imparting professional knowledge and skills. It is our mission.

We are readily at your service.


Brock, Jake, and Mike


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