“Our Most Vulnerable State”

“There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy.” – George Washington

Being well prepared is a position that we have somehow conceded as a people, and certainly as a nation.

Recent events have seen grocery store shelves cleared, businesses shut down, and the elected officials of the United States asking questions (not publicly, mind you) regarding who and what should be sacrificed during a crisis. Total economic collapse, or lost lives of Americans – which of those is more damaging to us as a nation? These discussions should be had publicly, not behind closed doors. Lack of transparency from leadership is blatant deceit.

Right now, we’d be wise to heed the words of individuals – this nation's founding fathers, namely – who have been sounding the alarm to be prepared. Case and point is our current situation – social unrest and economic crisis. Sadly, the evidence against us right now is quite damning. The simple fact is that Americans have grown complacent and we’re paying for it. But not in ways you might think. It isn’t just a crumbling economy, social disorder, or a shortage of TP and bottled water. There is a greater problem. One that is far more threatening than a virus or a late rent payment.

It is our state of dependency. It is the situation of the dependent American and our expectation that our local and federal governments need to step in and save us, as we invite and allow them in to meddle with our lives, jobs, and places of business, only to tell us we are either “essential” or “nonessential”. We say that is bullshit.

Here’s the thing: if you are an American, you are essential. Period. Your job is essential. Your capability to provide for you and your family is essential. You’re also an adult, capable of making decisions for yourself regarding what risks you want to take.

Nah, let’s continue this narrative of categorizing and dividing people into political and social classes, fully allowing said narrative to be shoved down our throats via the media and press conferences. "Oh and by the way, here’s a one-time $1,200 check after years of pillaging your paycheck whenever you earn income, acquire property, purchase goods and services, make anything on an investment, inherit anything of value whatsoever, or register a vehicle."

We are forfeiting our liberty and livelihood to our local and federal governments in exchange for security. And nobody seems to give a damn. And the fact that working-class individuals in this country don’t have enough positive cash flow to weather a quick storm is an indication that they are getting squeezed just hard enough to remain afloat and above the poverty line. Ask yourself this, "Whose thumb is really on my head right now?”… As you file for unemployment because your local and state officials told you to close the doors of your place of business, or to go home and stop earning a living, else you face legal ramifications. It is troublesome to say the least.

Let’s wrap this up. For what should we prepare?

Independence is the correct answer. And if you were unprepared this time, don’t be next time.

That said, if you are truly struggling to get by, take that check from ol’ Uncle Sam. If you are a tax-paying, legally born or immigrated citizen – you absolutely earned it. Do it if it means putting food on the table to feed you and your kids. And don’t feel guilty about doing so. Don’t. It does not mean you’re a socialist. It does not mean you are whatever buzzword the media would label you as. It does not mean anything other than you are doing what you can to survive. DO NOT use it to pay bills. Invest in food storage, medical supplies, and other things that will sustain life - grow a garden! Do anything but hand it right back to the very system that got us into this mess.

Us personally? We could use that money – sure. We could invest it. We could buy more toys with it. We could buy more food storage… We could do good things with it – sure. Maybe we'll just do good things with it. We suppose that would be the right thing to do.

However, we’ll find more pleasure setting the fucking check on fire live on Instagram. So that’s what we’re going to do. Because we don’t care for the labels and cheap division politics. And, quite frankly, those responsible for the nation’s lack of emergency preparedness, now $25 Trillion debt, and zero efficiency in Washington D.C., can kiss our red white a blue ass. And if your local or state officials told you to close the doors of your business, or go home from your job, send them home in November because they've abandoned the principles and ideas they swore to uphold. Don't stand for or support this crap.

Keep in mind that these uncertain times will pass, and the American people will be better after the dust settles. We have a tendency to rally around each other during hard times. The same will happen through this. So, remain positive, and help somebody out in need. That is your obligation.

Lastly - just a quick thought - if you think people are acting ridiculous over toilet paper and bottled water, wait until there is shortage of food or medicine. Maybe use that “stimulus” check to buy a gun if you don’t have one already, then find somebody to teach you how to properly and safely handle, use, clean, and store it.

This is still the best country in the world to be in. Let's make sure we keep it that way, lest we trample on the graves of those who've paid the steep fees to sustain liberty and freedom.

Be prepared, Ready, and stay safe out there.

- AVRD, signing off

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  1. Very good read. I totally agree with everything you said! Thank you.

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