Firearms and Tactics

Firearms safety, small arms marksmanship, concealed-carry, and small arms combat training.

Physical Security

Defend your home and your business from criminals and other modern-day threats.

Firearms Training - Mentality First

Insight into to our training methods concerning firearms and tactics, respectively.

Through personal and online instruction, our methods of teaching are unassuming and straightforward, with focus on simplifying concepts regarding mindset, basic firearms safety, and fundamentals of weapon manipulation, marksmanship, then intermediate to advanced shooting techniques which are utilized by Law Enforcement and Military Personnel.

We understand no single weapon system, tactic, or method, is the answer for all situations. It is important to apply training with an open mind, to discover what works best for the individual and, most importantly, their environment. Informational Awareness is a node for the output of success.

With that in mind, we encourage setting standards and working towards meeting them, while continually pushing limits to become a more proficient shooter and informed tactician, understanding that each of us have our own thresholds in physical ability but all of us have the capability to use our mind to achieve a goal.

AVR Defense underscores adopting a mindset of wanting to be successful in order to be successful. We push this ideology because positive encouragement and a winning mindset facilitates winning.

Goal-oriented training will correct exploitable deficiencies and push limits so the student becomes more adept and, ultimately, discovers their own mental and physical thresholds.

When training to use firearms, one must first master basic concepts such as safety, grip, stance, sight alignment/sight picture, and trigger discipline. He, or she, may do this without even firing a weapon! There is a distinct difference between practice and training. This is what we teach.

One should develop firearms and tactics skills in two phases: "dry" (unloaded and safe) weapons handling and manipulation (practice of basics, or new techniques) then "hot" weapons training when the individual is comfortable and ready to master the newly adopted skill. This ensures safety and confidence for the student, instructors, and others. Regardless of the concept or skill level, one should not perform live-fire drills without demonstrating mastery of basic concepts movement of the technique. Your state, or local jurisdiction may not require this, but YOU should require it for yourself. This is proactive safety.

When it is new, practice. When it has been practiced, train.

Training is essential to winning real world engagements, when your objective is preservation and safety from deadly aggressors. This is because training reinforces and builds mechanical motor skills, and the neurological pathways to execute those skills repeatably. Your brain is powerful. You must consider this when you are building the foundation. Training good and proper techniques becomes critical, as all of us are reduced to the raw execution of our trained mental and physical skills when intense physical and mental stress is introduced. Training must reveal weaknesses, rather than a deadly encounter doing so.

"Train hard to fight easy" - the harder you push yourself, the harder you'll have to be pushed to be beaten. And stay committed to improvement - which is the glue of it all. Simple.

The image below offers some tactical insight into one of the tools utilized by one of the owners of AVR Defense. 

Photo: 5th Generation Glock 19X.

This weapon system is utilized for EDC ("everyday carry"), and a home defense application by one of the owners of AVR Defense. He's replaced the factory sights with a single dot Tritium front sight (visible in total darkness) and a less distracting flat black rear sight (which minimizes the difficulty of the brain/eyes to quickly differentiate between the front and rear sights, while acting as a single reference point for him). Certain locations of the frame are also textured to help maintain a secure purchase of the weapon in a hot and humid environment, or if any liquid is on his hands. Complemented by a defused Streamlight TLr-1 HL as a light source, the combination of modifications and accessories maximizes versatility of the 19X, making it effective in a number of situations and environments.

Glock pistols are notoriously reliable, and the 19X provides a stable, ergonomic platform when working in close quarters, while the standard 19-round magazines of the 19X increase the likelihood of achieving fire superiority during an engagement.

As a home defense weapon, round selection is of equal importance to weapon selection because most homes are designed with rather penetrable interior and exterior materials. The rounds used in this application are specifically designed to expand on impact, reducing the penetration characteristics of standard (ball) 9 mm ammunition.

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